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We offer seedlings in Ray Leach (Containers) using SC-10 black tubes (8” X 1.5”) that are held
in racks of 98 tubes and D-40 black tubes (9.5” X 2.5”) held in racks of 20 tubes. Production in
other formats are possible by special order.

Image by Mary Hammel


SC-10 full racks of 98 SC-10 tubes for $245 per rack ($2.50 per plant).
D-40 full racks of 20 D-40 tubes for $80 per rack ($4.00 per plant).

A deposit of $18.00 per rack is required or empty racks are accepted in exchange. Minimum purchase is 1 full rack. Prices are FOB Flagstaff, AZ, and we prefer purchasers manage pickup on their own. Plants may be delivered at a rate of $0.52 per mile based on round trip mileage depending on the size of the order. Pick up dates and time must be scheduled in advance. All plants are cold hardened so that they are ready at the time of purchase for direct planting, but we do not guarantee post planting survival. Our standard is that plant roots fully occupy the container and plugs are firm and retain their shape when planted. On occasion we encounter some crop failure and orders are not guaranteed. Orders must be made via email to Seed supply is limited and therefore all orders are filled on a first come first served basis. Special orders may be accepted, and we can grow any milkweed for which seed is available. We can custom grow your seed. Since our focus is on milkweeds for northern AZ, we may require a deposit for special order milkweeds. To date we have had success with all milkweed species we sell.

Two sales arrangements are offered:

(1) Direct purchase of plants at the price and conveyance arrangements agreed by both parties. Direct purchase plants may not be returned, so please plan carefully.
(2) Alternatively, we also offer a consignment arrangement for those cases where plants are to be resold. Botanical gardens often prefer this model. Under the consignment policy we will accept as returns plants in good condition that do not sell. The cost of return delivery of plants is the responsibility of the purchaser.  The pricing arrangement under consignment is that a sales price is set by the purchaser. Revenue is shared between the grower (60%) and seller (40%) of the sale price.

An amount of $1.00 for every plant we sell is committed to our educational programs including our Monarch Butterfly Conservation Internships for university students, teacher training and K-12 classroom-based programs. 


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