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Milkweeds for Monarchs is a self-organized pilot project based in Flagstaff, Arizona, propelled by citizen science volunteers. We have no operating budget, but raise funds to grow and distribute milkweed plants through local plant sales and other private efforts. The following individuals serve as the Project Team at Northern Arizona University to coordinate this effort:

Meet The Team


John Campodall'Orto,
Senior Intern (Summer 2022 - Fall, Spring and Summer 2023)

John's project aims to increase the population of monarchs through the planting of native milkweed and pollinator gardens, the implementation of feeding stations and the experimentation of preferred nutrient sources. 


Emma Elsner,
Leadership Intern (Fall 2022- Spring 2024)

Emma's research looks at which milkweed species monarchs prefer to use and perform best on at different life stages. This is being done through larval preference trials and oviposition preference trials.



Clare Dunnahoo,
Conservation Intern (2021-22)

 Strengthened overall community outreach through social media platforms


John LeFebre, 
Conservation Intern (2021)

Provided funding through merchandise sales


Amber Butler,
Conservation Intern (2021-22)

Focused on educational outreach and spreading awareness

Elisa Whitby,
Conservation Intern (2022)

Studied the effects of aphids on milkweed growth and reproduction

Bre Van Horn,
Conservation Intern (2022)

Studied the effects of aphids on milkweed growth and reproduction


Danielle Stroh, 
Leadership Intern

Worked on an alternative propagation experiment and community outreach


Casey Hensen, 
Leadership Intern

Currently a graduate student at the College of William and Mary studying milkweed ecology and Monarch conservation


Emelia Lawrence 
Leadership Intern (2017-19)

Currently in the University of Arizona's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program


Emily Haworth
Leadership Intern (2016-18)

Currently the Sustainability Fund Coordinator for the University of Arizona


Nadia Syaheda
Conservation Intern

Currently working as a field technician with SWCA Environmental Consultants doing avian and bat surveys and MBTA nest searching.


Timothy Carmichael

Conservation Intern


Currently working in silviculture on the Kaibab National Forest.

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