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September 30, 2023

Annual Monarch Festival

Big Park Community School in Village of Oak Creek

Our next monarch festival is coming up and will include a plant sale with a large variety of milkweed and pollinator plants to choose from. Join us for kids activities, food, monarch education, and a chance to see the beautiful garden!


Located on the corner of Bell Rock Blvd. and Verde Valley School Rd.

Past Events


August 15-16, 2023

Milkweed planting at Rogers Lake, Flagstaff

We partnered with the USDA Forest Service to create a long term monarch habitat at Rogers Lake. With the help of some amazing volunteers we were able to plant about 500 milkweed plants. We will continue to monitor this site and plan to plant 2,000 milkweed next year.

May 2023
Spring Plant Sale

We had a great time at our annual spring sale. This sale always has a great turnout as lots of people want to plant milkweed for the monarchs that will pass through later in the summer. It's also a great time of year for planting the pollinator plants that we grow as well. We were also able to incorporate education into this event, with more kids activities and information on our organization.

2023 stem celebration.HEIC

April 29, 2023

STEM celebration

This was our first year participating in the annual Flagstaff STEM City STEM Celebration. It is a great event that highlights businesses, schools, and organizations in Flagstaff doing work in STEM. It also hosts around 2500 people! We had a table set up providing education about monarchs, milkweed, and what we're doing. We also had a seed ball station and coloring pages for kids to use. 

January 2023

AZMFM Intern trip to Pismo State Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove

We took a trip to Pismo Beach, California where we got to witness firsthand overwintering monarchs. With the severe storms in Northern California, we were unsure about how many monarchs we would see. Luckily, a sunny day brought in thousands of monarchs to the Pismo State Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove. We can't wait to use what we learned on this trip in future conservation reserach.

October 2022

Monarch Festival

We had our first annual Monarch Festival in our garden in the Village of Oak Creek. It was a great success with our milkweed sale, kids crafts, and more activities in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Sedona Village.

September 2022

Monarch butterfly release in the NAU SSLUG garden

After completing our larval feeding trial, we collaborated with the SSLUG garden club at NAU to release some of the adult butterflies that emerged from the trial. We were able to release over 20 butterflies at this location!

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